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Re: Limit of liability -Reply

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Bill Allen wrote:

>I've been on my own for 10 years now. My BEST advise is, if you have a
>good job, keep it and have a life!!! The grass on the other side is crab
>grass. You will end up spending half your time chasing work and
>collecting money and maybe half your time doing engineering (if you're

These are words well spoken (or written). I too have been in private
practice for 10 years and have been chasing work and clients for most of
the time. If I can get in 25% of my time as billable, I'd be doing well.
One thing that Bill forgot to mention is that many of us are in private
practice because we have personalities and life styles that conflict with
most employers and conventional work habits. We tend to like to take
control and keep our hands in all of the business rather than just a part
of it.
For those interested, I recommend reading SEAOC Online  (free to SEA
members and soon to be on our Web Page) a printed journal of the Computer
Applications Committee that relates closely to small offices and those of
us working out of home offices.

Dennis Wish PE
Editor - SEAOC Online