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Limit of liability

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I am also not an attorney, but my understanding is that limits of liability 
are great protection to establish a cap for any tort action.  They can be 
exceeded in cases of fraud or criminal actions.  It is your job to protect 
yourself as much as possible, and it is the responsibility of the owner's 
attorney to give themselves as much protection as possible.

If you can't establish some sort of limit, it may be best to walk away.  At 
the first level, try to limit your liability to your fee.  If that is not 
acceptable,  try to establish a limit based on a multiple of your fee.

Many municipalities prohibit limits of liability.  Then it becomes a 
business decision; how much you want the job relative to the risk.

Harold Sprague, spragueho(--nospam--at)
Black & Veatch