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RE: Dogbone Connections

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You can call J.C. Gerardy at TradeArbed (212) 486-9890.  They have the   
patent of the dog-bone moment connection but have released it to the   
public domain.  He can provide you with literature and test information   
done by Smith-Emery.

KehShin Chi
From:  Hunt, Tom
Sent:  Wednesday, January 22, 1997 12:27 PM
To:  seaoc(--nospam--at)
Subject:  Dogbone Connections

     Does anyone know how to get the testing and design data on the AISC
     Dogbone connection?  This is the connection where the beam flanges   
     radiused (new word!?) out just before the column to induce hinging
     away from the column/connection.

     I saw the two articles in Modern Steel construction and tried the
     AISC web site without luck.

     Los Angeles City and County require, among other things, that you
     must submit test results of prototype specimens. I am hoping that   
     information is not proprietary as is some of the information on the
     other tested connections such as the SSDA Slot, IFC Kaiser, or the

     Any leads on web sites, people, phone numbers, E-Mails, etc. would   


     Thomas Hunt