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I no longer work in commercial structural engineering.  I now work in heavy 
industrial where fees are calculated much differently.

I will list what used to be the practice of some of my colleagues for 
commercial structural engineering services in the Kansas City area.  Some of 
the fee structure may still be applicable because they were linked to costs.

0.50% to 0.75% of total construction costs
(By way of comparison architectural fees were generally 4% to 6% of the 
total construction cost)
1% to 2% of cost of the structure

2.8 times salary = billing rate

Often times fees were figured by the estimate of the number of drawing 
About 4 days per sheet for engineering and 2 days per sheet for the 
Technicians were paid about 60% of an engineers salary.

It is best to figure fees several ways before you venture your guess or your 

Harold O. Sprague
Black & Veatch