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Re: Fees

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On 1/21/97 bcain(--nospam--at) wrote:

>Given the Justice Deartment's willingness to litigate anything related to
fees, it seems like SEOAC would be very vulnerable if we begin didscussing
how to structure fees on the listserv.  Don't ruin a good forum by bringing
fee discussions here.

My, my! Does your country really have that kind of a "Big Brother" in the
Justice Department? 

I thought the U.S.A.  had a first amendment or something which allowed free

And what an odd bunch of structural engineers if they didn't eventually get
around to talking about competitive bids and cut-rate fees and how we can't
compete with other designers working out of basements!

In Vancouver, it seems structural engineers can't meet more than an hour
without the "F" word coming up.

Our consultant's group came up with a good set of guidelines with fee
percentages for typical classes of projects, and it helps small firms check
their proposals. It certainly hasn't led to price-fixing (darn!).

We also talk about overhead factors and agreement clauses and inspection
charges and what hourly rates are out there in the market. It may not be as
exciting as beams and columns, but everyone seems to have something to say
about fees.

I wouldn't mind hearing about your problems (or successes?) in negotiating
reasonable fees. Give it a try.

                                                 Jim Warne, Vancouver, Canada