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Re: Deflection Limits

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Michael D Zaitz wrote:
> What are alowable deflection limits for in-plane and out of plane
> bending on the following materials (assuming simple span):
> 1. gypsum board
> 2. EIFS
> 3. plaster
> 4. brick
> 5. cmu
> I have been looking for a set of "standards" for these but have only
> found recommendations for brick and cmu.
> Thanks
> Mike

I don't know of any standards for these materials,  other than trade 
recommendations.  The UBC has standards for wood members supporting 
brittle finishes in chapter 23 (94 UBC).  Also there are limits on 
masonry deflection in the slender wall design standards of the masonry 
chapter.  Other than that,  I'm not aware of any other codified 
-Rick Ransom