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Dennis S. Wish wrote:
> What kind of anchor installation is it? If it is an epoxy installation, I
> would not think that this would be a problem except for the loss of excess
> epoxy. If the oversized hole is in the wood ledger, than I believe that DSA
> is justified and either the ledgers should be replaced or the anchor
> increased and redrilled.
> I'm not as up to date as I'd like to be, but I remember that there was a
> discussion between a tight fit (in wood) between a 1/32" and  1/16"
> oversized hole.
> You might check NDS or the local building official for this ruling.
> Dennis Wish PE

Your right on target.  The bolts are cast in anchor bolts in both the 
sill and the wall installation.  The contractor "overdrilled" the holes
by 1/8".  For a practical installation of 50' or more of legder run, I'm
not convinced that the 1/8" oversize really makes any diference in the 
actual performace of the final assembly.  The probibility of all the 
bolts being lighned up "to the right" or "to the left" is astronomical.
What is the possible failure mode? Surely we do not design a single 
story wood system such that an 1/8" of oversizing in a ledger hole will 
adversely effect the structure!  I agree that DSA is totally in ther 
right with respect to code compliance,  but once the system is totally 
installed,  I question the need to spend a great deal of money (public 
money) to correct a situation that appears to result in no ill effects.