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Re: How to Open Spreadsheet ?

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At 09:34 AM 1/14/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I appear to have correctly received the K factor spreadsheet, but how to
>it?  I'm using CC:Mail, and when I click on the spreadsheet file, it does
>recognize the application and I am asked to identify it. I assume it is in 
>Excell and I choose that application, but I then must select one of several 
>extension choices (xls, etc), but none are "zip". What am I doing wrong ?
You need PKUNZIP or another utility that will decompress a file in ZIP
format. This is an extremely common utility. We compress files to reduce
transfer time. There are a number of utilities around that are free. Check
around on Compuserve, AOL, on the Web, etc. Seriously though, you need such
a utility.

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