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Re: How to Open Spreadsheet ?

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YOu have to "unzip" the file first.  A zip file is a file that has been
compressed to make it smaller when it is transfered over the network. 
You can "unzip" it using "pkunzip", "winzip", "norton navigator", or
several other programs.  If you don't have any of these programs, I
believe you can also download "pkunzip" from the SEAOC internet site, or
many other internet sites.  Put pkunzip in the same directory where you
"zipped" file is, and just type "pkunzip", then a space, and then the
name of the file you want to unzip.  Then it will decompress the files
and you will be able to load them into excell.

Good luck.


>I appear to have correctly received the K factor spreadsheet, but how to open
> it?  I'm using CC:Mail, and when I click on the spreadsheet file, it does not
> recognize the application and I am asked to identify it. I assume it is in
> Excell and I choose that application, but I then must select one of several
> extension choices (xls, etc), but none are "zip". What am I doing wrong ?