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Re[2]: Probability

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      DOE has sponsored several conferences called "Workshops on the 
      Design and Evaluation Guidelines for DOE Facilities Subjected to 
      Natural Phenomena Hazards".  The notes from these workshops are a 
      good source for background material.  Dawn Matz at LLNL may be 
      able to help you at matz1(--nospam--at)  
      One good paper is by R.C. Murray and S.A.Short titled "Consistent 
      Natural Phenomena Design and Evaluation Guidelines for USDOE 
      Facilities" from a Dec, 1988 EPRI Symposium on Current Issues 
      Related to Nuclear Power Plant Structures.  
      Also, you may check the references in ASCE7-95 page 136, 
      particularly the ones by Bruce Ellingwood.  He was very 
      instrumental in the development of the load factors and 
      resistance factors.  DOE 1020 didn't appear to have any related 
      Ed Haninger
      Irvine, CA
      direct Email: ed.haninger(--nospam--at)     

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Date:    1/9/97 4:01 AM

     I have been struggling to better understand these concepts for the 
     last couple of years. DOE in their standard 1020 specifies a similar 
     approach, but one that is graded based on the importance or hazard 
     associated with the structure.  Can you suggest reference material 
     that will help clarify these relationships and in particular the 
     structural or material side of the performance goal equation.
     Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
     Dennis Niehoff