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Re: Advertising as an Engineer by Architects

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Architects, unfortunatly, are allowed to do their own engineering - this is very common out here in the desert. This, IMHO, is the same as trying to specialize as both a Brain Surgeon and a Protologist.
Inasmuch as he specified Engineering, rather than Engineer I would guess that it is within his legal right.
Dennis Wish PE
"structural engineering consultant"
This is what I mean, we can say "structural engineering" but not Structural Engineer unless we have the SE license.

At 02:00 PM 1/9/97 EST, you wrote:
>I recently received a business card from a prospective client (Architect). Below
>the business name reads "Architecture-Engineering-Planning". I know for a fact
>that none of the principals of the firm are licensed Engineers. Is this legal?
>Ethical? I've tried calling the State Board of Registration for Professional
>Engineers as well as the State Board of Architects and I am currently in a
>perpetual state of telephone tag. I know that the State Board of Architects
>frowns on the use of the word "Architect" or any variations unless a principal
>is a licensed Architect. Aren't there the same sort of restrictions on the use
>of "Engineering", "Engineer", etc.? This practice further misleads the general
>public to believe Architects do more than they actually do.

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