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Re: 2 Holddowns at corner question

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Thanks Tom,
I was one of those that missed the note on the Simpsons Catalog and used the posted values.
To all who responded:
I'm convinced. Thank you all for your valuable responses. This is what makes the SEAOC listservice so important to practicing engineers.
Again, thank you all and a happy and healthy new year to each of you.
At 07:09 PM 12/31/96 -0500, you wrote:
> Dennis , You may already know this but did Simpson tell you that if you
>check for the eccentric bending plus the tension ( minus holes ) of the post
>, that the values in their manuals are way off reality? When i asked them
>about this they said it is the industry standard to list values as they do. I
>calc about 2600# max for any hd in a 4 x 4 and about 6 kips for any hd in a
>6 x 6 . In plan checking , i have seen engineers use the Simpson tables and
>assume they can get 7460 # with a hd8a in a 4 x 4 because the table says so
>. Foot note 11 ( and discussion with Bob Greg at SST ) says testing is in
>steel jigs with no wood involved. Many people may not see footnote 4 or know
>to check UBC sec 2308.1.
> I use one hd at the corner . I had not considered the difference in
>nailing the side versus the rear of the post as a difference in eccentricity
>previously but don't personnally consider it significant. The nail has
>embedment on the rear face and the side face is usually nailed near the rear
>so they should be close. ( Unless i misunderstand your point ).Since the
>force is uplift, the post shouldn't care which side the hd is on but will
>feel the eccentricity at the hd bolt either way.
> I agree on the pa's. Also, 1 vs 2 pour, corner vs interior , rebar in
>shear cone, bending during pour, ...
> Tom Harris, SE
> Thousand Oaks, CA

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