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Fwd: Re: Local Bending in Tubes/Pipes

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 Mike wrote:

"How would you check the local bending in a tube (or pipe) column when the 
>connection is a shear plate.  There is the eccentricity of the bolt holes 
>to the column which puts a small local moment into the column....."  

Butting a vertical shear plate beam connector against the face of a pipe or
rectangular tube column will certainly not be very rigid.

Have you considered slotting the tube, passing the plate through, and
welding it to both the near and far walls? That's a strong, stiff, and cheap
beam connection.

It's also common to use a tee rather than a plate as a beam connector, when
the column is a rectangular tube. The tee flanges are usually thicker than
the tube wall - especially if it's cut from an "I" section. The welds
between the tee flanges and the tube are then close to the perpendicular
walls and thus more rigid.

By choosing the right tee, you can control the degree of rigidity or
flexibility, so there can be a bit of compliance in the connection.

There are some good books and some industry pamphlets on tube connections.
It's worth exploring, especially when you get into tube to tube connections,
where the stress and strain behaviour, and strength, are not obvious at
first glance.

                                                   Jim Warne, Vancouver

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