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Fwd: Free standing masonry walls

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Has anyone had the opportunity to review the standard free standing wall 
designs available in some building departments?  I recently reviewed the 
design in Fountain Valley for a 4" block wall with 8" pilasters @ 12 ft o.c..
The wall only contains horizontal steel 2-9gauge @24" o.c. and the pilasters 
use 4-#4 vertical bars continuous.  The maximum height of the wall is 6'. 
moment at the base of the pilaster is resisted as a "pole type foundation".  
The pilaster foundation is 3' deep and 16" wide.  Running some quick numbers 
for seismic & wind loads it became apparent to me that the wall was not
based on current UBC standards. 

I am looking for some information on how the city can put out such a design
it is not stable.  Or the history of these types of designs that would
why it is all right.  If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

Kirk D. Pysher

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