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Fwd: Re: Location of Vapor Barrier Below Concrete Slab on Grade

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<< When you cast concrete directly against earth, moisture 
 drifts from the surface of the concrete into the soil  >>

One simple task is very important and sometimes missed, particularly on
smaller projects.  Before concrete is poured, surface of existing soil or
sand should be sprinkled with water, enough to make is moist, but not to make
the soil slushy or sand fluid.  This practice greatly improves performance of
concrete.  Whenever I go to the job site, I remind the site personnel aobut
this and some other itmes like cleaning and roughening of existing concrete
surfaces.  I also remind them about curing after pouring.  Many small
contractors are not aware that these steps are necessary.  Some express blank
faces as if they have heard about it for the first time.  Most others just
appreciate the reminder.  Yes, and occasionally I get a frawn!

Concreteing operation is more of an art than science.

Anand Nene, S. E.

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