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Fwd: Re: Deck structure attached through Stucco

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Bob Shilling wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Feb 1997 AnandNene(--nospam--at) wrote:
> > I am working on a deck design for a house in Berkeley.  The deck is about
> > ft. above grade and is 10 ft. from the house back wall.  I typically
> > stucco, provide flashing and bolt new ledger to existing rim joist.  I
> > seen some contractors attaching the deck ledger directly through the
> >  My client was advised by a contractor that removal of stucco is not
> > necessary.  Obviously this is cheaper solution, but I am not comfortable
> > this situation.  I have advised my clients accordingly.
> >
> > Any thoughts, comments ??
> First, you are the Engineer, the contractor who advised your client is
> NOT.
> Second, if the stucco is left in place, the fasteners used to connect the
> ledger to the rim joist will now have bending applied to them in addition
> to shear and pullout. You can do calcs for this, but I still think it's a
> bad detail. In either case you need to protect the (E) construction from
> moisture. It seems that in your solution, you deal with this explicitly
> with flashing, etc. The contractors solution does not deal with it.
> Bob
> .    .    .   .   .  .  .  .  . . . . . ...........................
> Bob Shilling, SE             Berkeley, CA          shilling(--nospam--at)
I agree with Bob Shilling. While contractors have valuable skills
in assessing construction costs, techniques and the ability to visualize
in 3-D, typically they have a "12 month mentality". I would be surprised
if your fee (there I go again!) is adequate on this type if project to
worry about structural separation and waterproofing 3-5 years from now.
I recommend you remove the stucco, place the ledger directly against the
framing, build the deck, flash and counter-flash and repair the stucco.
Done deal.
Bill Allen

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