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Fwd: Re: building code minimums for wood frame

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In a message dated 97-02-27 17:37:07 EST, you write:

> A sure way to increase the *average* compensation of a profession is to
>  increase the public's esteem and valuation of the services it provides
Unfortunately,  those engineers who try to provide a quality product worthy
of adequate compensation, are always having to justify the increased cost of
performing same.  The standard of care is not seen the same way by all
engineers.  Some alter the standard of care based upon the fee received.  I
beleive this eventually catches up to these individuals, but there are always
new ones (usually inexperienced) who take their place. 

Since building officials see plans and calculations daily, and if they are
qualified to make such judgements, I think it would uplift the profession if
they were to report to the Board of Registration, engineers that submit
projects which are clearly below the standard of care and/or contain gross
errors or omissions.  If this is being done I am not aware of it.  I have a
feeling that many building officials are not adequately trained to make such

I would like to hear your further comments.

RL Foley, SE

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