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Fwd: Lpile

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I asked one of our geotech engineers to provide me with the information you 
requested.  Here is his response.

Ahmed, here is the information you requested regarding LPILE:
The program and documentation is produced by ENSOFT, Inc.  The address and
telephone number (as of 1989) are:
P.O. Box. 
Austin, TX 78718
Tel: (512)458-1128

Our group has used the program since (as far as I know) 1985, when the first
PC version was available to the market.  The program basically consists of 
a computer version of the Lymon Reese methods for lateral pile loading
for clays and sands.  The porgram has been tested successfully numerous


Hope this helps.

Ahmed Nisar
Dames & Moore
Earthquake Engineering Group
San Francisco

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