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Fwd: Re: Location of Vapor Barrier Below Concrete Slab on Grade

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<< From:	golberg(--nospam--at) (Peder or Cathy Golberg)
 From talking to some developers and contractors,   even with the vapor
 barrier installed properly under ideal conditions, many projects don't get
 the warranty from the flooring folks as they test the finished concrete slab
 for acceptable limits on various chemicals and it often fails to meet all of
 the requirements.  This usually results in the floor being applied without
 the anticipated warranty.

I have also notified by some architectural clients that they do not want to
have a sand layer applied over the vapor barrier, because it is their
interpretation from past projects that moisture trapped in the sand will
slowly evaporate out through the slab, and this action will debond floor tile
finishes.  In their judgement it is better to have a lesser degree of even
curing than to risk the flooring.  I defer to their judgement in such cases;
it sounds like a plausible, if not verifiable, concern.  Are there any
positions on the record from manufacturers(or associations thereof) of
flooring, with respect to the PCA  and ACI recommendations in favor of the

Gary Chock, S.E.

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