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I would like some feedback for the following:
When designing soldier piles with tiebacks, how should torsion be =
addressed ? =20
Through conversations with other Engineer's, most ignore torsion, or =
eliminate the problem be installing horizontal wales or straps to the =
adjacent soldier piles.
I know how to combine torsion stresses and shears (due to tieback load x =
eccentricity) with normal bending stresses and shears (due to soil =
loading), I just don't know how to accurately model the torsion.  Is it =
just a local load that transfers directly through the stiffener plates =
and into the soil in bearing with no torsion about the shear center of =
the soldier pile ? =20
Or does soil friction along the back side of the lean mix (slurry) =
resist the torsion ?=20
I know that on many occasions (but not all), during proof loading of the =
tiebacks, twisting never even occurs or is very small. So what's =
resisting the torsion ? =20
Ron E. Campos, S.E.

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