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Fwd: Re: building code minimums for wood frame

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<<All my clients are bottom-line oriented. So am I. And the bottom line is
that my bottom line suffers when I work for a chiseller. The 'code minimum
only' (In my case it's pressure vessel codes) types are the same ones who
leech for free work and pay late. They're also inclined to patronize

Cost-consciousness is no less important than quality. They sure aren't
mutually exclusive. Times when I've lost a low-balling client always send me
into a frenzy of soul-searching, wondering if I'm being a high-minded snob.
Fact is, I can't afford too many of these guys. And I really can't afford to
have people associating me with bottom feeders.>>

I didn't intend to imply that all engineers are ethical chameleons.  My
somewhat jaundiced outlook has been shaped by interactions with hundreds of
engineers in backchecks and appeals, and by observations of average levels of
design effort and quality over the years.  My apology to folks like Chris
Wright who have high standards and thought they were being unfairly tarred.
 May these folks long flourish and multiply.

The reality remains, though, that bottom feeders can readily find malleable
consultants to do their bidding.  It's only a small consolation to know that
the risky business practices of such consultants someday will land them in
financial trouble.   At least temporarily, they will smile at their
high-minded colleagues all the way to the bank.

Franklin Lew, SE

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