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Fwd: Re: building code minimums for wood frame

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>An engineer responded ... by saying ... the  housing tract developer would 
sue him if he designed in anything that cost more than building code absolute

minimum. < 
An engineer must use professional judgement in design - as others have 
suggested, the code only provides minimum requirements, it is not intended to

replace engineering judgement.  I don't see how an engineer could be sued for

"apparent overdesign" if it is due to engineering judgement - but of course 
one may lose the work if suspected of wasting money.  Of course, when 
designing above the code minimum requirements, the engineer should be able to

provide a reasonable basis.  
For safety related issues, I wouldn't give in, but for serviceability related

issues it may be appropriate to explain your concerns to the client and be 
willing to compromise subject to "expectations".  For example, tighter 
deflection limitations in floors may improve comfort level, but if the client

insists on code minimums, I might be willing to compromise after explaining
the client that there may be complaints of floor flexibility in service.  It 
is best to document your concerns in writing and keep it in your files. 

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