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Fwd: Re: building code minimums for wood frame

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Seems to me like the threat to sue is a bluff. First, what's he gonna sue 
for? Negligence? Patently absurd. Presumably your contract doesn't have 
anything about limiting  construction charges. A certain amount of over 
design certainly isn't an error or an omission, and unless he's actually 
built one of the houses he won't be out any money. About all he's got 
left is some sort of fraud such as padding your bill, and I gather you 
haven't done that. Second, if he does sue, all this is going to become 
public record, and his obvious attempt to cut corners and over rule 
competent judgement will really make him look great. 

It's real easy for me to talk out here at a distance, but I think if this 
guy were my client I'd want to have a chat with him about professional 
judgement and responsibility. If he won't listen to reason, you don't 
need him as a client. He'll cost you a lot more sweat than what he'll 
pay, and you can bet he's only started cutting corners. Finally, if the 
lawsuit threat doesn't go away, you should point out that he has no 
grounds (or get your lawyer to do so) or damages and that any nuisance 
suit will be construed as defamation of character, which is also 

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