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Fwd: Re: Epoxy Coated Rebar

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A short note on Epoxy - rebars:

Epoxy protects rebars as long as the epoxy coating is not damaged - and to
manage so there is needed greate care. There may be more safe - and prob
cheaper (I have no price info) to use anodes (anode-protection).

Protection of rebars is only actual where there is significant risk for Cl-
attacks (& carbonation) on the rebars. This means in salt water - above the
watersurface, on road constructions where salt is used to prevent ice/dust
and in agressive industrial enviroments.=20

The first step of protection is to use a suitable concrete (high quality &
low permability) and a suitable cover sone. In Norway we have corosion (Cl-)
problems mainly on bridges in the costal areas (and we have a lot of theese
areas) where you have Cl- from the sea and from road-salt during the winter.
In the 70's there was used little rebar-cover (down to 10-15 mm) and 45-55
MPa concrete, in combination with slim constructions - concrete was the Good
given Ultimane & Everlasting material at that time. Today we use 65MPa HPC
concrete (often with silica fume) and at least 40-45 mm cover (up to 70 in
exposed sones) - but we'l have to wait some years before we can tell if this
is enough.

There may also be used "protective" painting on the concrete surface - but
in this are here is, to say it directly, mutch crap!


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If you do not like my spelling=20

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