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Fwd: Re: building code minimums for wood frame

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>We reward those in our economy who can produce a high quality product
>and can deliver that high quailty product at the lowest price.
>Learn the rules of the game, learn how to compete, and you will be
This litany is getting a little tired. The rewards go to those who make 
the most money selling the lowest quality product they can get away with. 
When someone dopes out a way to make more money by cutting corners, 
corners are cut and the money gets pocketed. If you want to be respected, 
invent the better mousetrap; the way to be rich is to market schlock, 
labelled 'highest quality.' And I daresay the patent nostrum business is 
the shining example of what I mean.

That said, the real question is how the laity distinguishes prudent, 
competent engineering from a plan stamped by a hack. If I buy a crappy 
power saw or a cheap suit, I learn real quick where not to shop the next 
time. Things are a helluva lot different when a roof or a freeway 
collapses because the low bidder couldn't afford the time to use his 
head? Doubtless the next of kin take comfort in knowing that it was those 
irresistible free market forces at work even though it may look like 
techno-quackery. The engineering profession can start acting like a 
profession and insist on its prudent practice or we can show the public 
that the 'rules of the game' mean, 'Look out for number one.' Near as I 
can tell that means high standards with teeth, personal accountability 
and no tolerance for shoddy work.

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