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Fwd: Re: Epoxy Coated Rebar

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I would never specifiy the use of epoxy coated reinforcement. From my
experience in the Middle East, where concrete durability is of paramount
concern due the extremly harsh enviroment (high chloride levels in
groundwater/wind blown salts/high temperatures etc.) the use of epoxy coated
steel has done nothing to enhance the service life of concrete structures.

In the design of water retaining structures the effect of reduced bond
between the epoxy coated steel and concrete leads to a reduction in crack
control which has serious consequences for durability.The handling of epoxy
coated rebar must be carried out with great care. Any chips/hollidays in the
coating have been shown to accelerate the corrosion of the rebar due the
concentration of cathodic action.

The best course of action is to ensure a dense mix. Use the lowest possible
water/cement ratio and provide proper curing (essential for durable
concrete). If added protection is necessary consider the use of cathodic
protection, external membranes, corrosion inhibitors (calcium nitrite) or
hydrophobic pore blockers.

The C.E.B. has some good references on durable concrete and the protection
of reinforcement.


John Brasier

At 15:34 24/02/97 -0800, you wrote:
>I am interested in people's opinions about the use epoxy coated rebar? 
>what conditions will you use it? (i.e. standing fresh water, sea water, open
>concrete channel, etc.)  I am also interested in any good references about
>protection of rebar and under what conditions you need to look at options
>epoxy coated rebar or special concrete additives.
>Stephen Fisher, PE

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