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Fwd: Lateral Stability of Wood Beams

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Perhaps, based on Joe McCormick's response, I did not make myself clear in my
original message.  The 41'-8" (**CORRECTED**) length is the *effective
for a 2 X 12 obtained by solving NDS Eq. 3.3-5 for l(e) with R(B) = 50.  

	l(e) = (2500 * 1.5**2)/11.25 = 500" = 41'-8"

Taking the highest coefficient in NDS Table 3.3.3 applied to l(u), 2.06,
[without consideration of l(u)/d or loading requirements contained in the
would permit an unbraced length of about 20'-3", which, IMHO, is an absurdly
long unbraced length to even consider a 2 X 12 capable of providing
support, regardless of what the arithmetic shows.  Other coefficients would
permit even greater unbraced lengths.

I also probably did not tie my two references together.  The paper in the
Structural Journal was the basis for the NDS lateral stability requirements.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.
A. R. Turk, Consulting Engineer
Tucson, Arizona   

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