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Fwd: Re: building code minimums for wood frame

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  This has been an interesting thread, however, pardon me for diverting
on this topic for a while.  Since engineers are balancing liability vs 
dollars on the knife edge, tipping the balance to the wrong side could
easily land engineers in serious trouble (e.g. being sued/jailed over the 
collapse of a building).  On top of this, engineers have to scavenge for
jobs when the economy takes a sneeze.  What is the drive or motivation that 
have kept u in business for so long?  Is it often true that despite some
compromises made on the code (e.g. neglect of some factors like column
for "small" buildings 2-3 storey high) most structures survives its lifetime
as a result of high factor of safety & loading used?
Have u personally come across cases in which compromises made on the code
during design results in a disaster or kind and do they occur frequently? 
Have anyone here appeared as an expert witness in court for such a case?



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