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Fwd: Re: building code minimums for wood frame

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>Well, I disagree with the notion that there is any difference between
>selling a service and selling goods.
The real distinction is not between selling services or goods. 
Professional registration addresses the practice of a profession whose 
clientele has no way to distinguish reputable practitioners from hacks. 
The public needs to have some reassurance that all the techno-jabber they 
get fed is offered responsibly, and that registrants are qualified to do 
what they claim. The usual caveat emptor principle doesn't apply because 
the public hasn't the understanding of technical matters to evaluate the 
product (before it's too late and the roof falls in). The same principles 
hold for the healing professions and the law.

There is a distinction in that poor services are more difficult to 
distinguish than poor merchandise, since there's nothing tangible to 
evaluate. You have to take the practitioner's word that he's doing the 
right thing.

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