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Fwd: Re: building code minimums for wood frame

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>These high-principled pronouncements also are a bit tiresome.   As
>individually-held convictions to guide one's approach to life and work, they
>are admirable.  As a rallying call to collectively do battle against the
>noble side of human nature, they are naive.  If you think otherwise, please
>offer a strategic plan and some action plans that have realistic chances to
>attain these goals across the engineering community.

They're no more high principled than the codes of professional conduct 
you're obligated to adhere to as an engineering registrant. As a 
Minnesota registrant I'm obligated to snitch on anyone I have good reason 
to believe has violated any statute involving the practice of 
professional engineering. That covers a lot of ground.
Florida specifies as actionable such things as expressing an opinion 
publicly without being informed or being competent to form such an 
opinion; permitting use of his/her name in connection with a fraudulent 
or dishonest business venture; failure to notify proper authorities if 
engineering judgement is overruled resulting in a threat to public 
safety. There's your strategic plan, already written into the law all us 
PE's said we'd uphold. Realistic enough for you?

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