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Fwd: Re: malfeasance sanctions (was: code minimums)

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>If the range
>of transgressions that licensees in my state are successfully disciplined
>are representive, very few of those 20 to 40 cases each year Minnesota will
>be on charges related to inadequate or incompetent design services, or
Actually, most of the ones I recollect are for just that--practicing out 
of area of expertise, plan stamping, advertising services not qualified 
for (presumably this latter includes actually performing such services). 
Florida has some specific rules about fire sprinkler design, and 
installers get gigged for providing engineering services. I don't know 
what that sort of this is called in California, but I think design of 
emergency systems is no more a matter for hackery than aseismic 
structural design. 

>charges of practicing outside of area(s) of competence may more
>frequent due to greater temptations to engage in figureheading or
>rubberstamping.  These mal/misfeasance cases and cases involving
>procedural/statutory violations are beside the point,
Nonsense. If I strolled up and offered to provide a reinforced concrete 
design, I should have my butt kicked just as hard in California as 
Minnesota, since I'm not competent to do it.

>Progress in achieving the common goals of the engineering profession -
> compliance with the spirit of our licensing laws and canons of ethics -
>won't start until a significant percentage of us voluntarily subscribe to
We've already voluntarily subscribed to them. All 100% of us. Make all 
the excuses you like, but holding ourselves individually accountable for 
professional actions is the guts of a profession. And if we can't hold 
ourselves accountable, with laws that have teeth, who else can?

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