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Fwd: Re: engineering practice CE vs SE

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In a message dated 97-03-08 14:52:11 EST, GCHOCK(--nospam--at) wrote:

<< the recent California C.E. vs. S.E. arguments posted can seem
"provincialized" to
 others.  (Almost to the point of California C.E.'s vs. all  S.E.'s in all
states.)  ... this string ...has lasted far too long for most of the

This listserv is run by, and as a service to, the engineers in California -
remember the ''c" in the URL?  The discussions of specific provisions in the
California B&P code on engineers and architects, BORPELS regulations, and
perspectives of CE and SE registrants who work in California, are entirely
appropriate for this forum, and are of more than passing interest to many
subscribers.  I wouldn't be surprised if the postings under the three threads
that have been used for this discussion have set a record in terms of numbers
of postings and breadth of participation.  Shafat, would you confirm this?

All of us, including Mr. Chock, can ignore postings that we have no interest
in.  If another posting on this subject shows up on his in e-mail basket, he
can click on the 'delete' icon without reading it.  If he feels his
multi-state registrations make him feel more 'worldly' (actually, I detect
something more akin to smugness), and our provincial prattlings are boring
him, he should consider desubscribing. 

Franklin Lew

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