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Fwd: Re: Load Spread on Concrete Floor Slabs

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In a message dated 97-03-07 17:56:06 EST, you write:

<< What distance would you spread out a wheel load from a forklift on a 
 concrete floor slab that has support beams every 5' o.c. if you know the 
 floor thickness, flexural reinforcement, temperature reinforcement, 
 contact area (7" x 4" approx), wheel spacing and wheel load.  Is there 
 any recommendations, references or rules of thumb?  To date I have not 
 found any insight.  Thanks in advance.
 Mike Zaitz >>

UBC 94 - Section 1605.2.3 is probably better suited for your needs.
 Accordingly, you can assume the load distributed over 2.5 ft.

For the problem you described, one simple approach would be to distribute the
load  over 7" + 2*slab thickness.  This is very conservative.  If you want to
go little further, you can distribute the load at 45 degrees from each of the
corners of 7"x4" area.  If you place the load in the center of girders spaced
at 5ft, the effective width will be 5'-7".  I will probably tend to check the
slab strength for about 3.5 ft effective width.  Thicker the slab, wider you
can go.  If the laods are very heavy and the slab too thin, you may want to
check punching shear at the edge of beam.

One good source is ASHTO Guide specifications for distribution of loads for
Highway bridges, section 3.24.  I have 1994 version.  There are other
references, probably some text books  on design of concrete slabs.

Hope this helps.

Anand Nene

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