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Fwd: Re: Isolated pad footings - To tie or Not to tie?

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<< Subj:	Isolated pad footings - To tie or Not to tie?
 Date:	97-02-13 18:26:59 EST
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 I have the following condition:
 A one story custom home where the roof trusses are continuous over the
 exterior bearing walls to a covered patio where the ends of trusses rest on
 a beam at the edge of the patio. The reaction from the beam is transmitted
 to standard pad footings located at the edge of the patio. 
 BTW, the site is level, no consideration is needed for hillside.
 Is it necessary to tie the pads in two directions to the slab foundation at
 the residence, or will the flatwork (unreinforced concrete patio and
 walkway) be sufficient?
 Tying the footings will not prevent a differential settlement and there is
 no concern for lateral movement due to earth pressure - or if there is it
 is unlikly that the pressure would exceed the restraint of the patio slab.
 Please let me know what you think about this.
 Dennis Wish PE


Is the patio beam necessary to support the trusses or do they actually
cantilever out from the perimeter wall of the house.  Depending upon vertical
and lateral loads on these patio posts, I might consider using flag pole
footings, especially since it is a custom home.  I don't think I would want
to depend totally on the patio slab other than to provide lateral restraint
for the flagpole footing unless the load is very light like for a patio

Michael Cochran
Brian L. Cochran Associates
Los Angeles,CA

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