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Fwd: Re: building code minimums for wood frame

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> Well, some of you people have to face the fact that this is a FREE
> MARKET ECONOMY!!!! (at least here in the United States).  Communist
> Countires are the only ones I know of that have a bunch of politians sit
> around and decide how important everyone is to their society, and then
> set their pay accordingly.  There are some socialist countires that lean
> in this direction with some professions.  As far as Soviet Engineers go,
> I have one as a neighbor now who came to this country a few years ago. 
> He was a Mechanical Engineer, highly trained and highly skilled at his
> profession.  How he cleans out peolpes clogged sewer pipes.  He owns a
> small roto-rooter type company.  It is a family operation and he has
> three trucks.  It is very interesting talking to this man. While he
> would like to be doing Engineering instead, he would never consider
> going back to the USSR.  Even back in the peak of their economy.  He
> makes a good living, and supports his stay at home wife and three
> children well.  He makes more money than I do.  
> So what!!   I hope more and more people make more than I do.  When they
> save up all their moeny and get ready to build that new dream home,
> maybe they will hire me to do the structural desgin of their home.  
> You people need to stop looking around at what everyone else is doing,
> and how much money they are making and feeling sorry for yourselves, and
> learn how to make the free market economy work for you.  Don't sit
> around and talk about the people in our industry that have failed, but
> look at the ones who do succeed and learn from them.
> I don't want any Government agency telling me what I should charge for
> my services.  I do not want any portion of my SEAOC dues to go to trying
> to figure out how we can all be paid what we think we are worth.  If you
> want that then you should form a Union.  That is their function.
> I am sure Mr. Foley shops around for nearly everything he purchases. 
> There is a market for Mercedes Benz and Chevrolet.  The consumer knows
> there is a difference.  Both Chevy and MB are successful, and their is a
> market for both.  And yes, there are and should be certain minimum
> standards for any product that involves safety of the public, just as
> there are for auto's and structural engineering.  
> People in this economy have an obligation to shop around for the best
> price they can get for a product, and that includes Structural
> Engineering.  And there is nothing we can do one way or another about
> that.  All of those in our profession should provide a certain minimum
> standard in the product we provide.  And if we violate that, we should
> have our license revoked.  But then we need to decide if we are going to
> sell Chevrolet's or Cadillac's.  There is a market for both.  But even
> Cadillac has it competitors, and they must provide their high quality
> product at a competative price.  

Here's the fallacy in your argument:

Ours is a "Service-Oriented Industry" and it is not approriate to compare
it with
the sale of cars!

I am not saying that I fully agree with a centralised fee system etc. but I
believe that your argument is a wee bit unfair.

-Swaminathan Krishnan

> At whatever level we decide to provide our services, there will be
> competition, and the Client will get the best price he can for the
> product.  
> We reward those in our economy who can produce a high quality product
> and can deliver that high quailty product at the lowest price.
> Learn the rules of the game, learn how to compete, and you will be
> successful.
> Lynn Howard

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