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Fwd: Re: engineering practice CE vs SE

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In a message dated 97-03-08 04:15:32 EST,  James Dane, C.E. writes:

<< I have always been disappointed that I was not able to pass the SE exam
 in the late 1970's and have signed up to take the Nevada exam in April. 
 My employer has a need for me to get my Hawaii SE and Hawaii accepts the
 NCEES Exam which Nevada uses.  I also plan on taking the California Exam
 in October with an even more serious effort... I do "personally" think that
 some changes will be seriously considered in Sacramento in the near
 future which may require phasing Civils out of structural design.<<

Those of you with primarily California experience should realize that your
C.E., then S.E. licensure process is not typically used elsewhere.  For
example, in Hawaii and Illinois, there are separate exams for Civils versus
Structurals, and neither is a pre-requisite for the other.  This makes more
sense from a practice standpoint, because it recognizes a clearer
distinction.  Of course, as James indicates, there would be political
contention on doing this in California.

However, please be aware that the experience prerequisites are much less and
the C.E. exam is easier to pass in California than in other states where
there are separate branches.  Consequently, the California C.E. would NOT be
typically accepted by such other states as the equivalent of their S.E.  I
think that a broader perspective would be instructive, as the recent
California C.E. vs. S.E. arguments posted can seem "provincialized" to
others.  (Almost to the point of California C.E.'s vs. all  S.E.'s in all

I''m sorry to have potentially re-ignited this string, which has lasted far
too long for most of the subscribers.  I will try not to post(this is my
second) again on this subject.

Gary Chock
S.E. California and Hawaii  

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