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Dear Frank:

The answers are below each question.

>1.  Approximately how many subscribers are there? 

To date, there are over 1,400 subscribed email addresses. Out the 1,400
there are approximately 75 servers, including universities, government
departments etc. How many users are there under each server is unknown to
me. Asuming an average of 10 users per server, I would say our reader count
is well over 2,000. So, there is a good amount of silent subscribers.
>2.  Do more and longer postings increase storage demands? 

Typical email size is 2000 bytes. So if you get 20 email a day, that use
only 40,000 bytes. If you save all of your email, you will use
approximately 14 megabytes of your hard drive space in one year. Not much
to worry about.
>For that matter, I'd be interested in learning
>about the hardware setup and applications programs used for this listserv.
> Is it on a dedicated server, or is the listserv program just one program
>running in a multi-tasking environment?

Our NT server is currently serving the list server, the web site and the
chat server. I will announce the chat server in the near future. The
traffic load is not a consideration for our server, but for overall
internet. We need to preserve the bandwidth whenever we can.

>3.  Do longer postings measurably increase transmission times?  

Yes. Currently I have programmed it to use 25 simultaneous channels. The
list server sorts the subscriber email address by domain name, i.e all the would be grouped together. Then it uses 25 threads to send out to
the first 25 domains, as each thread gets free, other domain address are
sent out. Only one email goes out per domain. That means, the list will
send out only one email to all AOL users and let AOL distribute internally
to the list of recipients which is passed to the server with the email.
Currently our list sends out 90% email in 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Hope that helps.


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