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Fwd: Re: Message from Shafat

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In a message dated 97-03-07 12:39:17 EST, Shafat wrote:

<< Due to tremendous email traffic and growing number of subscribers, I like
 to remind you all to keep the size of your email to minimum.  >>


I appreciate the existence of this listserv and the communications
opportunities it affords us.  I also salute you for your pro bono service
administering it.

Your reminder caused me to wonder if there are some technical considerations
that make it desirable to minimize the size of email.  It's likely that many
subscribers are like me in having little inkling of the operational aspects
of the listserv, or of listserv technology.  I'd appreciate your reply to
these questions:

1.  Approximately how many subscribers are there?  50?  100?  500?  1,000?
 The number of folks who do postings would suggest it is closer to 50.  But
then occasional postings show up with names that I hadn't seen before, so is
there is a large "silent majority" out there?

2.  Do more and longer postings increase storage demands?  If yes, is it a
potentially significant cost issue?  I just added a 2.1G, 9 ms, ultra-scsi
drive for under $500.  Would you venture a guess on how many postings such a
drive capacity could hold?  For that matter, I'd be interested in learning
about the hardware setup and applications programs used for this listserv.
 Is it on a dedicated server, or is the listserv program just one program
running in a multi-tasking environment?

3.  Do longer postings measurably increase transmission times?  Is a posting
'broadcasted' to subscribers all at once, or is it repeatedly sent out to the
list, one subscriber at a time?  How long does it take at this time for the
listserv to send a posting to all subscribers?  Is the total turnaround time
a linear function - i.e. if it takes x minutes now, would it take 1.25x when
the number of subscribers increase bvy 25%?  

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Frank Lew

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