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Fwd: Re: Plywood Shear Walls with Windows

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I am putting the finishing touches on an APA Research Report (#157) which
documents monotonic tests on four 8ft x 12ft shear walls with openings
including a full height door and windows of various sizes.  The report should
be available from APA before mid-year.  The results for effective shear
stiffness and shear strength compare favorably with an empirical analysis
developed by Dr. Hideo Sugiyama of the Science University of Tokyo; the
method is in use that country.  Also, AF&PA have used the method in their new
Wood Frame Construction Manual (WFCM) which is in process; a version for the
Standard Building Code has been adopted by SBCCI already.  Dan Dolan, PhD of
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University has monotonically and
cyclically tested 8ft x 40ft shear walls with a variety of window and door
openings to test Sugiyama's analysis, and results are reported to confirm the
empirical method (the VPI&SU report is not yet available).  All of the above
testing was !
conducted with hold-downs just at 
the ends or near the ends of the wall.  The resulting wall is not as stiff or
strong as a wall with hold-downs alongside each opening, but the resulting
wall does have some structural value.  If you want to go for the max, put
hold-downs alongiside each opening, which makes each wall segment act as a
full-height shear wall (subject to the aspect ratio limitations, of course). 
However, the Sugiyama method should find practical use for residential
construction.  If you can't wait for the APA report, contact AF&PA
(Washington, DC) to see if they will send you an description of the design
method based on Sugiyama's approach, with modifications developed by Sugiyama
and Brad Douglas, PE of AF&PA.

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