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I prefer the CSI programs (SAP90, ETABS & SAP2000)
The user creates a text input file and then when the architect
changes something  the engineer can easily remodel the 
structure...the engineer has total control 
over the structure... and if the engineer is gone, another engineer 
can easily modify the text file.  With some of the other programs, this is 
not as clear..

These programs may have a longer learning curve, but once the 
format is understood, it is really very logical... you can tell a 
structural engineer wrote the program and not a computer 
scientist.  And, because the input file is slightly more complex, it 
requires more thought.... and hopefully more careful thought.  With 
some other analysis programs, the input is so easy, an inexperienced 
engineer could model something, and get results and think it is all 


John S. McDonald

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