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At 09:40 AM 3/18/97 -0800, you wrote:

>>Me too!  There is no need to create separate lists when only twenty or
>>thirty individuals currently post on a regular basis.  How many posts
>>would there be if Dennis, Sandy, and Bill all stopped participating?  I
>>support the idea of keeping one list, but having everyone code their
>>"subjects" for quick sorting by the reader:
>>Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
>I agree with Stan.  There are Email applications that will automatically
>"filter" mail (Eudora is one).  For example I use this feature to but all
>of the SEAOC mail into a separate folder so it doesn't interfere with my
>business mail.  I then automatically separate the SEAOC mail into separate
>"mail boxes" depending on the topic such as Steel concrete etc.  This is
>based on the subject header.  The subject header can be several words but
>as long as one of the words is "concrete" Eudora will automatically put
>into the correct mail box.  I have to add new "filters as new topics occur
>but it generally works very well.  In the ideal world everyone would use
>the same key words in the subject header (hint hint).  If there were a
>topic I had no interest in then I could have Eudora automatically  transfer
>this mail to the trash.  This approach seems to be more efficient then
>having several lists servers.
>         Harry

Well, I disagree with you guys.  I don't understand where this negativism is
coming from.  Is that just the resistance to the change :>?

All you would really need to do is to subscribe to the new list server if
you are interested in the subject.  Not a big deal.  It would not require
any additional resources ( as far as I understand).  It would not increase
the Internet traffic either. 

If Shafat and Dennis are willing to make an effort to set it up for us,
great.  My thanks to them.  Not all of us want to sort the e-mail
automatically from the in-box.  Ones again, I support the idea.

Sasha Itsekson

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