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Fwd: Pre & Postprocessor for SHAKE91

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Dear Structural/Geotechnical Engineer:

SHAKE91 is the most commonly used computer program for the 1-D
analysis of dynamic soil response.  However, one of the limitations
of SHAKE91 is the lack of a user-friendly interface for creation of
the input files, and for the processing of the output data.  To this
end, we have developed ShakEdit, a Windows 3.1 based editor for
SHAKE91.  In a typical application, ShakEdit is used to create an
input file for SHAKE91.  User-friendly screens are provided to input
the data for the different SHAKE91 options, and then to create an
input file.  After running SHAKE91 in a DOS window, ShakEdit is 
used to process the output files generated, resulting in the 
creation of a series of files containing acceleration and/or
stress/strain time history data, response and amplification spectrum
data, strain-compatible soil properties, peak acceleration, maximum
shear stress, etc..  The results can also be viewed graphically in
ShakEdit, and the graphics created can be saved/printed for 
inclusion in documents.

Additional features of ShakEdit include:

- A number of Attenuation Relationships for peak horizontal
  acceleration and velocity with distance; and, for the pseudo
  acceleration or pseudo velocity response spectrum.
- Design spectra such as NEHRP and AASHTO.  These spectra and
  those from attenuation relationships can be plotted
  simultaneously with the spectra computed with SHAKE91.
- Computation of cyclic stress ratio (CSR) based on equivalent uniform
  shear stress using the shear stresses computed with SHAKE91;and,
  estimation of the cyclic stress ratio required to initiate
  liquefaction using standard penetration test results and the
  CSR vs (N1)60 chart developed by Seed et al. (1985).
- On-line help for most editing and graphing operations.

A trial version of the program can be downloaded from:

The cost of ShakEdit is $65.00, plus $10.00 for shipping and handling,
for the first copy.  Additional copies are $25.00.  SHAKE91 is not
included with ShakEdit.  If you would like more information, please
send an e-mail to shakedit(--nospam--at) with your name and mailing

Gus Ordonez
ShakEdit Software

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