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I personally like the idea of having a separate group for computer/software
related topics with engineers and vote yes.

As for the STANDING group I agree they should maintain their own.  I also
have had problems with their technical help.  I like their program but get
little help from them.  The last time I spoke with them, their "techie"
introduced himself as an engineer.  I wanted to know which formulas were
being used for something so I could verify it was meeting the right code
requirements.  After several frustrating "I don't know" answers he admitted
he was not a registered engineer and knew nothing about the building code.
So much for their technical help.

At 10:29 AM 3/18/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Bruce Swanney wrote:
>> <snip>
>> I agree with this idea
>> -----
>> > I'd hate to see this discussion group get too fragmented, so I cast my
>> > vote against a separate list for software & hardware.  Besides, there
>> > doesn't seem to be a great deal of discussion on that topic anyway.  If
>> > you must break the list, I suggest one list for technical discussions
>> > and another one for professional practice discussions.  I think that
>> > would split the traffic more cleanly and evenly.
>Me too!  There is no need to create separate lists when only twenty or
>thirty individuals currently post on a regular basis.  How many posts
>would there be if Dennis, Sandy, and Bill all stopped participating?  I
>support the idea of keeping one list, but having everyone code their
>"subjects" for quick sorting by the reader:
>T:	technical
>P:	professional
>C:	computer
>M:	miscellaneous (humor, etc.)
>With respect to STAAD3, it shouldn't be supported by SEAoC if it isn't
>being supported by the vendor.  My experience with STAAD3 has been so
>negative that I am surprised whenever I find that others are still using
>(or trying to use) it.
>Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
>Dallas, Texas 
>  The goal of every engineer is to retire
>  without getting blamed for a major catastrophe!
>				      ....Dilbert	

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