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Fwd: Opinions for List Server

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     Let me start by poorly paraphrasing an old quote:
     "Be careful what you ask for because you may just get it"
     Mr. Wright said my post was not called for.  My OPINION was 
     specifically requested by Shafat and Dennis and several others who 
     complained that not enough people were giving their OPINION.  You got 
     exactly what you asked for; MY OPINION.
     That said, I apologize if some people took my message as a flame 
     against Dennis, Bill, or Frank.  Quite the contrary.  I think everyone 
     forgot the original question.  People are complaining about too many 
     posts.  Several people have suggested some interesting and innovative 
     ways to deal with deleting and sorting numerous E-Mails.  MANY of the 
     posts lately have been directly between the three mentioned gentlemen 
     in a style that IN MY OPINION is more conducive to a "chat room".  
     What a great idea!!  Instead of dividing the list into subjects I was 
     suggesting that we have a "chat room" for those who like to go on and 
     on and on about one subject and leave the original list for briefer 
     technical discussions as has been in the past (strictly stating my 
     OPINION here).
     I found Dennis', Bill's, and Frank's initial posts very interesting 
     but IN MY OPINION the subject was beat to death at the expense of 
     other people trying to ask or entertain other questions.  I am not 
     suggesting that these people not post their messages or that there was 
     anything inappropriate about them, but that we provide these type of 
     discussions a better forum to ALLEVIATE (as in reduce not ELIMINATE) 
     the problem which prompted Shafat and others to ask our OPINIONS in 
     the first place.
     Everyone (should be?) is entitled to their own OPINION especially when 
     it is specifically asked for.  I am sorry if some people took offense; 
     it was not intended that way.
     Thomas Hunt

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