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I would say the same general things as Bill Allen about Formation Design's
beta version of Multiframe. I have used it in the past on a Mac and I am
now starting to use it on my PC. Time will tell how well I like it. The
graphical model input is embarrassingly fast and easy and easy to edit both
graphically and by text. I have found their Section Maker pretty nifty for
creating custom sections. I have also created a catalog of LVL's, glu-lams
and such,  for wood projects. They also have a dynamic analysis version
available that I have not used. If anyone is interested I can dig up their
web page and phone #. I am curious if anyone else on the list uses it.

> My basic computer
>philosophy is that if I have to look at a manual to do build a basic model,
>then it wasn't written properly. I downloaded Enercalc's Fastframe (version
>5.0.8 I believe) and played around with it a little. Some kinks need to be
>worked out, but I think (based on user interaction), Michael Brooks is on
>the right track. I recommend that you either download the Beta or look for
>a demo of the production model. Don't count on the Beta to meet a project
>deadline today, though. I had trouble printing results. But it looks good.
>I think good engineering software should be easy to use, easy to modify
>files, Win95 compatable and only requires reading of the manual for fine
>tuning and "tricks". It also would be nice if the output were Office 97
>compatible (i.e., Access, etc.) so that I could use the result to do some
>other work on, but dream on...
>Bill Allen

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