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Fwd: Re: Opinions for List Server

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Speaking for myself, I did not take offense of your comments and I
considered them as I believe they were intended, your opinions. Regardless
of whether I agree or disagree with anyone's opinion, I will always support
their right to state it.

In some regards, I agree that the past thread regarding "Quality Issues in
Engineering" rambled on. My personal goal was to see if there were others
that shared my opinion on the subject and hopefully translate those
opinions and energy into something constructive. Ultimately, I was hoping
for a web page on the SEAOC web site that would be a dynamic survey form
where data could be collected and delivered to the SEAOC leadership since I
believe they do not participate in this listservice as much as design
engineers and small business owners do. Unfortunately (from my perspective)
this did not happen. A lot of valuable insights were shared, various
options were discussed and issues were viewed from several perspectives.
However, all of this time and energy has ended up in the Recycle Bin.

Since this topic has run its course and I don't see that anything
constructive has been achieved, I will stop wasting my time on it. So, you
will probably see fewer posts from me. I have to say at this point the only
agenda I have had with the thread was that I was hoping to improve the
state of the ProfessionAL although SEAOC, UBC and the B&P code appear only
to be interested in the profession.

To me, the attractive element of a thread (as opposed to a chat room) is
that I can respond and read at my convenience. Just like e-mail. A while
back, the only way I could get a client to send me a CAD file for example
is that he had to be at a computer, I had to be at a computer, we linked
together and transferred the file. A huge waste of time. Now, he can send
the file at his convenience and I can retrieve it at mine.

So, no offense taken, Tom. I would be interested in any opinion you may

Bill Allen
> From: Hunt, Tom <tom.hunt(--nospam--at)>
> To: SEAOC(--nospam--at)
> Subject: Opinions for List Server
> Date: Thursday, March 20, 1997 7:51 AM
>      Let me start by poorly paraphrasing an old quote:
>      "Be careful what you ask for because you may just get it"
>      Mr. Wright said my post was not called for.  My OPINION was 
>      specifically requested by Shafat and Dennis and several others who 
>      complained that not enough people were giving their OPINION.  You
>      exactly what you asked for; MY OPINION.
>      That said, I apologize if some people took my message as a flame 
>      against Dennis, Bill, or Frank.  Quite the contrary.  I think
>      forgot the original question.  People are complaining about too many

>      posts.  Several people have suggested some interesting and
>      ways to deal with deleting and sorting numerous E-Mails.  MANY of
>      posts lately have been directly between the three mentioned
>      in a style that IN MY OPINION is more conducive to a "chat room".  
>      What a great idea!!  Instead of dividing the list into subjects I
>      suggesting that we have a "chat room" for those who like to go on
>      on and on about one subject and leave the original list for briefer 
>      technical discussions as has been in the past (strictly stating my 
>      OPINION here).
>      I found Dennis', Bill's, and Frank's initial posts very interesting 
>      but IN MY OPINION the subject was beat to death at the expense of 
>      other people trying to ask or entertain other questions.  I am not 
>      suggesting that these people not post their messages or that there
>      anything inappropriate about them, but that we provide these type of

>      discussions a better forum to ALLEVIATE (as in reduce not ELIMINATE)

>      the problem which prompted Shafat and others to ask our OPINIONS in 
>      the first place.
>      Everyone (should be?) is entitled to their own OPINION especially
>      it is specifically asked for.  I am sorry if some people took
>      it was not intended that way.
>      Thomas Hunt

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