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Fwd: Re: M: Just Another Opinion

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Jim Fulton wrote:

>I vote yes for a few seperate subject categories. One I would particularly=

>like to see is specifically for STAAD, which I would guess is one of the m=
>widely used structural analysis programs and at the same time, in my
>experience, one of that leaves a lot to be desired in technical question
>customer support compared to some others. The last time I accessed the STA=
>user group listserver, it left a lot to be desired as far as identifying b=
>in the program (which many times REI knows about but I my knowledge has no=

Do I have the impression that you think the STAAD listserver is =B3sponsore=
d=B2 by REI?

and Stan Caldwell wrote:

>With respect to STAAD3, ...  My experience with STAAD3 has been so
>negative that I am surprised whenever I find that others are still using
>(or trying to use) it.

You must be one of those few engineers who have the luxury of switching sof=
tware =

whenever you want to.  Most of us have to make do with what we=B9re given t=
o work =


And frankly, I=B9ve yet to find any engineering software that doesn=B9t mak=
e me do =

additional work or delays my getting my work product done.  If I were runni=
ng an =

ANSYS or GTSTRUDL user group, I=B9d be posting all of the problems I find w=
ith their =

software in the hope that maybe they will fix it ASAP, or maybe someone out=
 there =

has a decent work-around.

It would be a blessing to have some high quality software (right answers, f=
ast, and =

inexpensive) instead of the choice we have to settle with now.

As for how this list server should evolve, it depends upon the wishes of th=
e =

subscribers.  But don=B9t expect Shafat, et. al. to be mind readers.

Ray Pixley
sysopt emeritis Staadug-L

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