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Fwd: Re: How are you doing?

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Dear Rich, 
Thanks for your is your health? I hope you are feeling better
than the last time I saw you. :)
Please tell everyone I said "Hi" and give them a big hug from me. I miss all
those friendly, little faces.
Sorry that the first update you've had from me was first set of
newsletters (270...majority with personal notes in them) were stolen with my
friend's luggage in Budapest. The second batch (smaller number...I was sick
when they had to go out) went out of Romania about a month ago, and finally
made it in the mail.
I connect to an AOL server in Bucharest...yes, it's a long distance call. I
will soon be switching to another server that is local (I just don't like the
program they use) and cheaper. I'l probably keep AOL, just won't use it as
I would love to get your updates! 
Things have been busy here..I have been apartment hunting. Wow...I never
imagined it would be this difficult. I am going into final negotiations with
someone today about price...and I can assure you I expect it to be no less
demanding than the summit meetings in Helsinki! :) ha
My favorite question is..."Well, how much CAN you afford?" or I love this one
"Well, the only problem is that my husband keeps his tools in this closet and
he is a plumber and will need to come and get them now and then". I've also
heard "Well, she lives in Hungary now, but may want to come and spend the
night here when she is in town"...I don't want some little old Hungarian lady
spending the night..AND, I can't imagine her wanting to the spend the night
with me! Strange.
Well, that's all for from me to everybody there!
Love KristlK

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