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Fwd: Re: Corrosion Inhibitors

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> I have just completed a project in which we built basements in
> reinforced concrete to house machinery in a steel mill. The soil
> surrounding these has a high phreatic water level, and the water is
> saltwater. This project is located about 15 miles from the seashore. Now
> we have found evidence of corrosion in the reinforcement; does anyone
> have any experience on how to treat this problem?

1.  Get a good corrosion consultant on board.  PCA or ACI might be 
able to help with recommendations.

2.   Consider setting up an active cathodic protection system to
reverse/halt the ion flow for now.  Then you might be able to revert
to a passive cathodic system for the long term. 
Martin Johnson
EQE International, Inc.

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