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>We will continue to use STAAD III, but we are considering buying RISA 2D for

>use on simpler frame models.  Years ago I used STRUDL (on a mainframe) and 
>thought the documentation at that time was better - is anyone familiar with 
>the current WINSTRUDL program?  How good is the documentation provided?   

Have a care:  WINSTRUDL is NOT the same as GT-STRUDL (the "official" 
STRUDL) put out by GA TECH.

GT-STRUDL _is_ available for the PC, but is about a factor of two times 
more expensive than STAAD-III.

That's the main reason we still use STAAD-III despite the obvious 
drawbacks.  The price/performance ratio is hard to beat.  If GT-STRUDL 
or one of the other "heavy-duty" packages came down in price, I'd switch
in a heartbeat!

As to "heavy-duty," I'm afraid that RISA, ROBOT and some of the others 
are still "not there" as far as completeness.  They are not in the 
running AS YET.

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